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I'm a BC born and raised child of the 80's. My father is Canadian and my mother Brazillian. Native to Fort St. John, I was later brought up in the suburbs of Vancouver, climbing trees, walking along railroad tracks, and spending the summers in the Coquitlam River. In school, I studied french and photography. This combination granted me access to countries and cultures I otherwise would never know.

I prefer working behind the scenes of major projects, and have run art galleries and event spaces in Vancouver, Victoria and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. Most recently I stumbled upon a busy career in Vancouver's film industry working in the props department. Please follow the link to see how my Props Career is going.  IMDb

As for the road ahead, if my history is any indication, I will be running a much needed art venue and continue my passion for studio photography in Vancouver.


I don't know what the future holds but I am confident I will be enjoying the process. 

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